Microcheck Trench Coat | Women's Jackets and Coats | ME+EM Microcheck Trench Coat

Microcheck Trench Coat

Double-Faced Check Tailoring - Merlot


Icon Crew Neck Jumper | Women's Sweaters | ME+EM Icon Crew Neck Jumper

Icon Crew Neck Jumper

Merino Wool - Black


Fluted Sleeve Layering Tee | Women's Tops | ME+EM Fluted Sleeve Layering Tee

Fluted Sleeve Layering Tee

Viscose Jersey - Soft White


Easy Cargo Shirt | Women's Tops | ME+EM Easy Cargo Shirt

Easy Cargo Shirt

Crease-Free Crepe - Blush


Microcheck Transformer Trouser | Women's Fashion | ME+EM Microcheck Transformer Trouser

Microcheck Transformer Trouser

Double-Faced Check Tailoring - Merlot


Roll Top Pleated Skirt | Women's Skirts | ME+EM Roll Top Pleated Skirt

Roll Top Pleated Skirt

Pleated Jersey - Dark Merlot


Microcheck Crop Jacket | Womens Jackets and Coats | ME+EM Microcheck Crop Jacket

Microcheck Crop Jacket

Double-Faced Check Tailoring - Merlot


Fluted Sleeve Layering Shirt | Women's Tops and Shirts | ME+EM Fluted Sleeve Layering Shirt

Fluted Sleeve Layering Shirt

Viscose Crepe Jersey + Georgette Woven Trim - Soft Pebble


Gold Piping Trouser | Women's Officewear | ME+EM Gold Piping Trouser

Gold Piping Trouser

Crease Free Stretch Tailoring - Black


Silk Round Neck Tee | Women's Clothing | ME+EM Silk Round Neck Tee

Silk Round Neck Tee

Heavy Matte Silk - Blush


Microcheck Pencil Skirt | Shop Women's Trousers and Skirts | ME+EM Microcheck Pencil Skirt

Microcheck Pencil Skirt

Double-Faced Check Tailoring - Merlot


Balloon Cuff Knit | Shop Women's Knitwear | ME+EM Balloon Cuff Knit + Scarf

Balloon Cuff Knit + Scarf

Merino + PBT - Powder


The Very Handy Wool Scarf | Shop Women's Accessories | ME+EM The Very Handy Wool Scarf

The Very Handy Wool Scarf

Merino Wool - Black


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