The high street offers fast fashion: trends made instantly available and affordable at the expense of long-lasting quality and a decent fit. On the other hand, high end brands offer craftsmanship at an inaccessible price point.

We don’t believe that modern women should have to choose between quality and cost; between contemporary trends and clothes they can function and look great in.

That’s why we founded ME+EM, so the only choice you have to make is size. This is the secret of modern luxury, just between ME+EM and you.


“A fashion editor’s workwear weapon”-  Vogue

“Effortless, freakishly flattering and not a gazillion pounds”- Claudia Winkleman, The Sunday Times Style Magazine

“A great edit and are crease-free” – Red

“Staples to buy now and wear forever”- The Telegraph

“Clare Hornby is one of the biggest trouser geeks in fashion” – The Times

“Designer quality at affordable prices with an emphasis on fit” – Hello! Fashion Monthly


Frustrated by how hard it was to find well-made, on-trend clothes that didn’t cost the earth, Clare Hornby founded ME+EM in 2009. Our collections are all founded on three simple principles:

  • Flattering
    We spend approximately 15x longer than the high street developing our shapes, fitting each piece on three models of different body types to achieve the most flattering fit.

  • Functional
    To create pieces with purpose we’re dedicated to versatility and the highest-quality fabrics: crease-free, non-stretch, comfortable and durable.

  • Fashionable
    We edit the trends down to the ones that are the most flattering and have longevity, then we make them wearable for your everyday.


The fashion industry can involve a lot of third parties and inflated prices. That means that consumers like you often have to pay more to cover the extra costs.

Full disclosure: we take our designs directly from supplier to your wardrobe through our own stores and website. With nothing in-between that could bump up the price unnecessarily, you can be sure that the only thing you’re paying for is quality, design and a great fit.