The Trend Report

Why the Side Stripe has made such an impact

The Trend Report

Why the Side Stripe has made such an impact

The Trend that lasts

We’re obsessed with a side stripe. The reasons are many and the impact is great. Born of the sports-luxe trend, side stripes on trousers and slouchy pants, particularly when paired with box-fresh white trainers, became the staple look for fashion editors on the front row. Comfortable, easy, cool: unlike other trends, this one has continued to evolve, season after season.

“The popularity of the go-faster side stripe trouser shows no sign of abating. ME+EM has made this style its signature. Clare Hornby, creative director and founder of the label, attributes its success to the fact that “the modern woman wants to streamline her life – so every item in your wardrobe works harder and can also be worn at least three ways, taking you from plane, to desk, to dinner.  The designs can be worn with heels or trainers and so many of our customers wear them to work.” says Hornby.  – The Telegraph

The power of a side stripe

A side stripe refreshes an outfit. Pairing a simple navy trouser with a knit may look smart, a fail-safe combination, but add a side stripe to the trouser and it instantly makes a look modern. Disrupting block colours, adding a note of interest, a side stripe will transform the basics that you rely on everyday into a statement.

ME+EM’s sharply cut trousers boast sporty details – and price tags – that keep them contemporary.” – Vogue

Our signature style

The added genius of a side stripe is that it elongates and slims the leg. Starting high on the waist and going all the way to the floor, it creates the illusion of endless legs. Placing the stripe just slightly forward of the side seam has a slimming effect. These are the tricks we’ve perfected over years of honing our designs.

“ME+EM has stealthily become a label sought out by fashion editors who have discovered that its trousers are not only flattering and well-made but, in some cases, machine washable – and fashion-forward enough to work on the front row.” – The Telegraph

The Perfect Cut

Something that is on-trend is all well and good, but it also must look great on you and make you feel great. It has to find a home in your wardrobe, be worn season after season in a number of different ways.


That’s why we fit on 3 models with different body shapes to achieve the most flattering fit. We only use the fabrics that wear well, fall in just the right way, don’t crease and are as easy to care for as possible.


“These ME+EM ones are a must-have. Not too tight, not too baggy, not too leather, not too high-waisted, not too try-hard. Just effortless, freakishly flattering (if you don’t believe me, try them on) and not a gazillion pounds. Bottoms up.” – Claudia Winkleman

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