As Seen In

The Telegraph loves this style solution

As Seen In

The Telegraph loves this style solution

The Jumpsuit Co-ord

A huge thank you to Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Director of The Telegraph, who this weekend espoused the joys of the jumpsuit co-ord, the modern do-it-all style solution, in her fabulous column.

The Jumpsuit Co-ord does everything the jumpsuit original does, but better”

First let me say how utterly brilliant [jumpsuits] are in theory. A one-stop no brainer with all the streamlined unfussiness of a dress. But here’s the thing: they’re something of a pain to get in and out of. There are other problems. I’m sorry, but they just don’t work with most jumpers.

We all love a jumpsuit. But they’re not without their issues. Before you even get to the complications of wearing one, you have to find a style that fits comfortably, that is the right length for your torso as well as your legs, that’s made in a fabric that reflects the practical nature of a jumpsuit.

But all solutions start with a problem. With an intimate understanding of everything we love and hate about jumpsuits, we created our current obsession.

All the chutzpah of a jumpsuit but allows us to pee or experience a menopausal flush with the minimum of fuss and bother”

“Clare Hornby, the ultra-practical and amazingly resourceful founder of ME+EM introduced halter tops and matching trousers to the ME+EM repertoire last year.”

The joy of the jumpsuit co-ord starts with the fit. Being able to select the perfect size for your top and bottom guarantees a flattering, comfortable fit. It also means no restrictions to movement, which is especially appealing when you’re busy and constantly on the move.

What’s more, when you invest in a jumpsuit co-ord, you invest in multiple outfits. Once you’ve worn the top and trousers together, you can then go on to style the top with your favourite denim or a feminine skirt; the trousers with a chunky knit or classic tee. The options are endless, which is exactly what you want to hear when building a hard-working wardrobe.

The Satin Halterneck Jumpsuit

As seen in The Telegraph, our emerald green Satin Halterneck Jumpsuit is our go-to for spring/summer’s events.

So why no sleeves? As we all know, an unfathomable number of women hate their arms. But not having sleeves doesn’t actually mean you have to go sleeveless. It merely makes finding something to glide over your co-ord jumpsuit immeasurably easier.

Our matching Drawcord Tux Jacket is the perfect cover-up to complete the look, whether you want to cover up your arms or need a more modest look for something like a church wedding that you can remove later once the party starts.