“The future of office style”

Evening Standard spotlights ME+EM

“The future of office style”

Evening Standard spotlights ME+EM

“The label ditching corporate style clichés in favour of a flexible new look”


+ Grosgrain Check Blazer, Check Slim Crop Trouser, Cashmere Snood Jumper in Black, Shrunken Chevron Jumper in White.

We’ve all been there. Standing in front of your wardrobe in the morning, hoping a wonderfully chic outfit will suddenly appear in the time you spend pondering why it is that you have nothing appropriate to wear.

Whether you work full- or part-time, in an office or at home, are at the height of your career or just starting out, navigating workwear can be a minefield. The Evening Standard recently sat down with ME+EM founder and creative director Clare Hornby to get the low down on how to master modern workwear.

“Clothing is a woman’s armour, it can’t let us down. I firmly believe that looking polished style leads to polished thinking. Once you walk through the office door, it’s all about what you can achieve, not what you look like” – Clare Hornby 

“Dedicated to creating solutions, not problems”

+ (Left to Right) Frill Neck Swing Dress in Navy, Easy Cargo Dress in Black and Gold Button Swing Dress in Black.

The times they are a-changing and the workwear landscape has been “transformed with the modern woman in mind”

Women want “well-crafted, carefully thought-through items that don’t require a personal stylist or an hour to put together” and “that focus on celebrating personality not annihilating it.”

+ Drawstring Tux Jacket in Emerald, Merlot and Navy.

+ Satin Cargo Jogger in Merlot and Navy.

Clare’s advice

“Women want to look smart and contemporary, but they also want their style to look effortless. It’s also crucial that a modern work wardrobe be versatile enough to take you from morning to evening. Work is just one part of our day. We move from home to gym or school run, to office, to dinner and often don’t have time to go home and get changed. Our clothes need to be intelligently designed to meet these demands” says Clare.

“We talk a lot about ‘Fashion Lego’: having pieces that act as fashion building blocks, that can be put together in lots of different ways so that your outfits always feel fresh, without having to invest in a whole new wardrobe each season. It’s about striking a balance to avoid an outfit feeling too structured. Mix masculine pieces with feminine pieces, mix florals with utility styles and investment pieces with casual styles, like a beautiful floral skirt with a white t-shirt.”

“Soft tailoring makes you feel smart, without feeling too grown-up. Wear the trousers and matching jackets together as a contemporary take on suiting, and then later style them individually. Pair the trousers with a chunky knit, layer the jacket over a tee.”