From us, direct to you

Drapers sits down with Clare Hornby

From us, direct to you

Drapers sits down with Clare Hornby

“The direct approach to luxury”

Drapers recently dropped by the ME+EM studio to sit down with founder and creative director Clare Hornby to discuss the brand’s past, present and future.

Customer club

Being in constant dialogue with our customers has always been pivotal for us. It allows us to know what you want and need from your wardrobe, what your style problems are, so that we can create the solutions.

At the beginning of last year, we established a crowd-funding campaign that raised almost double our target: “80% of the investors backing the brand were ME+EM customers.”

The incredible success of the fundraising campaign has made us even closer to our customers, it showed that our customers believe in our brand as much as we do.

Quality over everything

“Hornby is fastidious about product quality, and building a base of trusted suppliers has been core to ME+EM’s growth.”  

“Product is key to everything”, says Clare. That’s exactly why we develop personal relationships with our suppliers – family-run businesses that we visit regularly, that we know can produce the best of the best and that – most importantly of all – share our values as a brand.

“We are basically offering luxury for less” sums up Clare.

Bricks and mortar

“Another pillar supporting ME+EM’s affordable luxury status is its approach to physical stores, as it leverages its growing store to portfolio enhance the brand image and connect with customers.”

The key to providing the luxury experience without the price tag is our direct-to-consumer model. It may not sound that sexy, but those three words mean that we only sell our product through our website and our five London stores.

Having a wholesale business means having to add on extra costs to our business, which ultimately filter down to the customer, who has to pay more. This way, we can bring you “luxury at this surprising price point.”

Thank you to Drapers for this wonderful feature, which you can read in full on their website