Fashion Revolution Week

The time for change is now.

Fashion Revolution Week

The time for change is now.

This week we’re all about the Revolution

23rd – 29th April is Fashion Revolution Week. Established to build awareness around how and where your clothes are made, Fashion Revolution Week gives consumers and businesses alike the opportunity to start an important conversation.

Meet Madalena

Madalena has been a seamstress for 25 years. For the last 16 years, she has worked for one of our suppliers, Pedrosa & Rodrigues. We depend on people like Madalena to create pieces of the highest-quality. As Clare Hornby says, “your supplier base is everything – reliable, good-quality suppliers. You can’t deliver anything without them.”

Madalena says making ME+EM’s products requires versatility as each style is a different challenge (that’s what makes her job fun, she says).

Looking after people

To stay with the same company for almost two decades, you have to love working there. Madalena’s time with Pedrosa & Rodrigues is testament to the genuine care they have for their employees. Pedrosa & Rodrigues provide modern, comfortable facilities that are renovated and expanded at least every 7-10 years, free weekly appointments with a visiting doctor, an in-house gym and a people-focused, law-abiding management.

“We believe happy workers are vital if we want to offer the best possible service. We’re very lucky to have Madalena in our team, so [Fashion Revolution Week] is a great opportunity to show appreciation for her” – Ana Pedrosa Rodrigues

Future Forward

Working with suppliers like Pedrosa & Rodrigues that share our brand values is pivotal to our business. That’s why we take the time to visit them regularly and develop personal relationships.

We know it’s important to our customers too. We are proud to have been accepted as a foundation member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, an extraordinary organisation that will help guide and progress our commitment to being a responsible business with respect for workers worldwide.

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