Designing Women

The Times highlights the female-led brands that are changing fashion

Designing Women

The Times highlights the female-led brands that are changing fashion

The Times picks ME+EM as one of the “top 10 labels for women, by women”

“Who knows what life, in all its multifariousness, is like for women in the 21st century and what, as a result, we need clothes-wise?”, writes Anna Murphy in The Times this morning.

When it comes to dressing women – real women, with real, busy lives – who knows better than a woman? Yet the fashion industry has traditionally handed that task over to men, which seems somewhat counterproductive. But the times they are a-changing and a number of women-led labels are leading the way to change the face of fashion.

Making style easy

We’re delighted to be part of that change, and to be selected by The Times as one of the “top 10 labels for women, by women.”

“A brand that’s small, but perfectly formed and so will save you time as well as money.”

Editing the trends down to the ones that are genuinely wearable and will last beyond one season. Rigorously testing fabrics to ensure they don’t stretch or fade. Developing cuts and designs so that pieces move with you. We’re dedicated to creating long-lasting investment pieces so that you don’t have to replace your wardrobe every season, but rather build on it.

Where luxury meets accessibility

“I wanted to build a brand that delivers accessible luxury, that’s contemporary and understated, with just the right amount of edge” says ME+EM founder and creative director Clare Hornby to Anna Murphy.

Understanding that today’s women have a desire to look contemporary without looking like a fashion victim, to have quality without the extortionate price tag, Clare saw a significant gap in the market and went on to found ME+EM.

In her piece, Anna Murphy quotes Clare, “Understanding what it means to dress on the right side of fashion is something you can only understand if you are the customer yourself.”

The future of fashion

With women who understand modern life designing for women who lead a modern life, this “means a greater choice of clothes that are wearable, workable and value for money; clothes that, in short, will prove themselves to be true wardrobe friends rather than those fashion frenemies.”

Long live the revolution.

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