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Decoding colour with Anna Murphy in The Times

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Decoding colour with Anna Murphy in The Times

“Fashion is going more full throttle with colour for the new season than ever before.”

Writing in The Times, fashion director Anna Murphy today dedicated her column to the joys of a bold colour palette for the new year, spotlighting ME+EM in her roster of style hits to meet the trend.

Top-to-toe dressing

“If you are up for some double trend-ticking – and what better way to ejector-seat your way out of the Grey Day? – then it has to be a trouser suit. The key is in the fit, as in ME+EM’s relaxed athleisure-tweaked double act, available in that oh-so-amenable aubergine, and – from February – in emerald.”

Find your tone

Colour is an extremely democratic trend: it works for everyone, you just have to find the right shade for you. Using her wealth of experience, Anna Murphy offers a comprehensive break-down on how to find your hue.

“Stand in front of a mirror and hold a piece of pure white paper next to your make up-free face. If you have a cool undertone it will probably appear pink, rosy or blue. If you have a warm undertone it will present as yellow, green or light brown. If it looks grey or ashen, then you are a neutral”

“Your hair and eye colour can also provide clues.”

The colour wheel

Once you’ve determined your skin tone, it’s smooth sailing to finding your palette.

“Cool tones work on cool skin undertones, warm on warm, and neutral undertones have more room to manoeuvre.”

“What is a cool tone? Anything that makes you think of winter, or the sea. And pin-sharp neutrals: black, bright white, navy, cool greys.

As for warm tones, they encompass yellows, oranges, plus softer neutrals such as creams, taupes and warmer greys.”

“There are a few colours that will look good on almost everybody. Aubergine, a surprisingly flexible and flattering shade, which functions like a neutral, adding interest without dominating.”