Clare’s Edit

ME+EM founder + creative director shares her intelligent wardrobe unlockers

Clare’s Edit

ME+EM founder + creative director shares her intelligent wardrobe unlockers

Wardrobe Unlockers

We hear endlessly about the wardrobe staples that every woman needs, but at ME+EM we’re obsessed with wardrobe ‘unlockers’. This isn’t about simply adding yet another white shirt to your collection. The key to building a strong wardrobe is to invest in contemporary pieces that work hard to compliment the pieces you already have.

The science of style

The definition of a wardrobe unlocker is something that’s easy to style with your basics, from knitwear to simple t-shirts, but reinvents them and gives them new life. They’re pieces designed with on-trend details, in flattering colours and timeless cuts that will instantly reinvent a wardrobe, whilst also finding a permanent home there amongst your favourites.

Here, ME+EM founder and creative director Clare Hornby breaks down the 6 key wardrobe unlockers that are guaranteed to extend the life of all your most reliable pieces.

The Layering Shirt

This is fashion meets function. I came up with the idea whilst watching a kid’s hockey match in a shirt and oversized jumper. The wind was blowing up my shirt and I realised I wanted to achieve the aesthetic without having to experience the wind chill.

Our Layering Shirts combine a very soft jersey body and sleeves with on-trend collar and cuff details. They feel extremely comfortable worn underneath a jumper and you don’t get any of that awkward bulking or lines from button plackets. Having those details at the collar or wrists means it adds a point of interest that instantly updates your staples for the current season.

The Tailored Jacket

By lining the inside of the sleeve in the same on-trend Prince of Wales check, you can turn up the cuffs for a more casual look, or wear long for a more structured look.

When customers tell us things like, “your jacket sleeves are too short” or “too long”, we listen and take that feedback to the design room.  Now we extend the outer fabric of our jackets 20cm up the inside of the sleeve so that the customer can turn the cuffs up.  This creates 2 styling options, and also means that smaller customers don’t need to get them shortened.

The New Neutral

Khaki has become the new neutral. It looks modern and chic, and has the added benefit of going well with everything from black and navy to more statement hues like red and pink. It’s the perfect base hue to invest in.

The On-Trend Knit

This season’s 70s-inspired sportswear trend updates classic knitwear for now and will still look contemporary in a few seasons’ time.

The Crease-Free Trouser

If you spend all day sitting at a desk or travelling, you don’t want to reach the end of the day and see you’re your outfit is completely creased. So many of us have after-work plans – dinner, drinks with friends or work events – it’s important to feel and look smart from morning to night.

Crafted from innovative 100% crease-free fabric, these trousers effortlessly combine style and practicality. They’re comfortable enough to move with you as you go about a busy day, yet smart enough for the office or evening.

The Side Stripe Trouser

A side stripe on a trouser has become our signature. They serve to slim and lengthen the leg, so are a great device for flattering your shape. They also disrupt an outfit, turning a simple black-trouser-and-white-shirt combo into something more interesting, with just the right amount of edge.

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