Clare in conversation with…Vivien Wong, founder of Little Moons


Clare in conversation with…Vivien Wong, founder of Little Moons

ME+EM meets…

Vivien Wong founded her innovative ice cream brand Little Moons in 2010. Stocked in Selfridges and Whole Foods, her latest offering is vegan mochi – perfect timing for those doing Veganuary.

At 5’2” and the owner of her own business, Vivien relies on a wardrobe that’s as versatile as her schedule. Here she catches up with Clare on empowering clothes, personal style and being an entrepreneur.

When you own your own business, each day can look completely different. What might your average day involve and how do you figure out what to wear?

My day usually starts and ends with taking my dog for a walk. I like to be comfortable but smart which is why ME+EM is perfect for me. I need to be dressed to meet clients or suppliers unexpectedly yet still be comfortable enough to rush around London to check out our Little Moon freezers, work in the kitchen developing new flavours or sit at a desk pouring over emails and numbers all day.

I really believe that clothes can be a vehicle for boosting confidence, especially for working women. What clothes do you find most empowering to wear?

I find well-tailored clothes in good quality fabrics empowering. My mother was in the fashion industry, so I grew up appreciating great tailoring and hand-finished clothes. With so many things to consider when running your own business, the last thing you need to worry about is your wardrobe. When you feel confident in what you are wearing, it flows through every element of your day.

What are your off-duty style essentials?

I would describe my personal style as casual luxe, so a good t-shirt, cashmere sweater and jeans.  I also have a lot of jackets in my wardrobe which tailor my look depending on my mood.

What are the 3 biggest lessons you’ve learned from founding your own business?

Just do it – there is never a perfect moment or perfect product.  There have been so many times in my career when I have just had to go for it.  There will always be people who doubt you, but you need to have confidence in your own decisions.  I am very much a gut feel kind of woman.

Your friends will always be there.  Starting my business has taken my ALL.  It is difficult to conceive how all-consuming starting your own business can be, but I have a group of girlfriends I call my ‘thrive tribe’ and they have been there as a solid support.

Be your own best friend. The experience of starting a business is filled with extreme highs and lows. During set-backs, it’s easy to beat yourself up. Instead, ask what you would say to your best friend if s/he was in your position. The talk track will likely be a lot more positive — and productive!