The 5 pillars of flattering fashion

There’s a science to Intelligent Style

The 5 pillars of flattering fashion

There’s a science to Intelligent Style

The meaning of ‘Intelligent Style’

There’s a science to our kind of fashion. Our sole aim at ME+EM is to create pieces that are flattering and contemporary. We obsess over the finest details because we know you do too. We don’t stop at what’s on-trend, and we don’t focus solely on function: we keep going until both ends of the spectrum are effortlessly combined in pieces you can really live in. We call this Intelligent Style, and it’s designed for you.


The most important stage of all: perfecting the fit. We invest more time in finessing our products than other brands (15x longer than the high street, to be exact), fitting our clothes on 3 different models so that we’re able to achieve the most flattering cut. Regardless of what the trends may be that season, a silhouette that flatters always looks good and never dates.


We rigorously test all our fabrics to guarantee long-lasting quality, only investing in the ones that promise to feel and look great every season. We love intelligent fabrics too – ones that don’t crease or fade over time, ones built from specific blends so that they hold their shape after every wear.


We test every colour on a variety of skin tones to find the most flattering shade. Once we find the right shade, we stick to it every single season, so a jacket you buy this season this year is guaranteed to match perfectly with the trousers you bought last year. That way you can build on your wardrobe over the seasons rather than replace it.


A trend only works if you can actually wear it day-to-day, and if it serves to make you look and feel great; those are the trends we invest in. Each season, we rigorously edit the trends and hand-pick the ones that are flattering and have longevity. This is not throw-away fashion, nor fashion for the sake of it. This is fashion made wearable in the real world.


We are committed to creating pieces that can live multiple lives; from one season to the next, from AM to PM, home and away. We obsess over the role of a piece in your wardrobe and how it can extend the life of all your essentials. These are clothes designed to do more than one job, so that when you invest in one piece, you invest in multiple looks.

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