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Luxe Accessories

From leather bags and cashmere scarves to statement jewellery
for that special occasion.

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Whatever the occasion, find the perfect accompanying accessory here at ME+EM. Browse the full collection and find designer accessories that match your style.

Bags, Scarves and Jewellery

Explore ME+EM’s range of contemporary accessories that are summer essentials. The elegant linen blend summer scarves offer versatility, adapting as necessary, whilst the cosmetic bags and filing sets are a must-have for those who will travel. Discover our mid-season sale for amazing discounts on a range of ME+EM clothing and accessories.

Contemporary Women’s Fashion at ME+EM

Refresh your wardrobe with ME+EM’s elegant collection of high end women’s fashion. Discover stylish and sophisticated dresses, jackets and shirts in time for summer. If you need any help or advice on any of our contemporary designs, please get in touch today. Contact the ME+EM team online or call us on 03456 800 975.